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It's litteraly as simple as this.
I want to do Nathan Sykes. End of. Because sometimes I just cry...because Nathan Sykes. I have this thing for big eyebrows. Sorry for my innapropro-ness.

Anonymous said: Your link for your new blog brought me to a blank page?

AHAHHA I spelt it wrong

Anonymous said: Do you still like one direction even though you haven't been on in so long?

obvis they’re perfect! Not even a question

Anonymous said: asdfghjkl; you haven't been on in so longggggg

I KNOW I got the email for an ask i was like OHH HAYYY

If anyone ever wants to talk to me…

I rarely fangirl on here anymore but go here. and follow it.

Anonymous said: Carli? Come back:(

W h o is this?




hai niall